Purple Homework

7월 28일 HW

2020.07.28 17:55


조회 수43
  1. Grammar
    -p.46-47 (study for test)
    -p.70 까지 풀기
  2. Vocabulary
    -Unit 5
  3. Writing
    -p.62-63 풀기
    -p.62-63 에서 각 문제 당 단어 3개씩 골라서 3문장 만들기
  4. TEOS
    – topic: if you are a picture in the exhibition
    -주제에 대한 글만 써오기 [업로드x]
    [consider these questions: what picture do you want to be? what would you do? what would you see? How would you feel?]

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